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3 Things You Should Know About Dog Bite Cases

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Many pet owners love dogs because of their loyalty and companionship. However, while dogs might be gentle and well-behaved in the presence of their owners, others can become hostile to strangers. That said, the owner is responsible for keeping their animal in check and preventing these injuries. So, if you are a victim of an attack and have sustained significant injuries, you should consider suing the negligent owner. Here are some things you should know about handling such claims.

There Is a Statute of Limitations 

Claims for damages caused by a canine attack are subject to time limits in many states. Hence, you might lose your right to file a claim if you do not submit it within the specified time frame. That said, the months spent getting treatment and looking for a fair settlement from health care coverage can be frustrating. Hence, if you want to preserve your right to file a claim for damages, you must retain the services of a qualified attorney immediately after the incident. Note that a dog bite lawyer will move swiftly within the applicable deadlines to safeguard your claim, freeing you to focus on getting well. They will also know how to present the evidence for a fast settlement.

You Can Sue for Emotional Damages

Many canine attack victims also suffer from traumatic stress after their ordeal. Hence, your attorney will work to get you the money you deserve for the mental anguish, potential suffering, and pain the attack causes. In such cases, reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, psychotherapy, lost wages, and adjustments to your new way of life may all be part of the payout an attorney will demand.

The State Can Bring Criminal Charges Against Dog Owners

Most people pursue out-of-court settlements for animal attack cases. However, consider having a lawyer assess other legal consequences of a dog attack. For instance, if a dog's owner knew their dog was aggressive, they could be prosecuted criminally. Furthermore, the state might bring charges and penalties against dog owners who know of their dog's history of harmful tendencies but have not taken measures that are adequate or reasonable to correct or even prevent aggressive behaviors. In such cases, criminal charges and punitive damages are excellent ways to ensure that there are no repeat offenders and that the same owner will not let their dog harm another victim.

You should know these things about dog bite cases and their potential outcomes. You should also hire a local dog bite lawyer, as they will understand how to gather evidence and pursue the amount of compensation you deserve.