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3 Possible Reasons Why Your Workers Comp Claim Was Denied

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If you were recently hurt at work, then you might have filed a claim with your employer's workers compensation insurance company. You might have done so with expectations that you would not have any problems with your claim, so you might have been pretty surprised when your claim was denied. If this has happened to you, then you might be wondering what caused your claim to be denied and what you can do about it. These are some of the possible reasons why your claim might have been denied and how an attorney can help you out with your case.

1. You Didn't Turn in Sufficient Paperwork

When dealing with a workers compensation case, it's often important to stay in contact with the insurance company and to provide paperwork when they ask for it. You might have to provide paperwork from your doctor about your injury, or you might need to send copies of your medical bills so that you can prove that your medical-related expenses are as high as you are claiming that they are. If your case has been denied for this reason, then an attorney can talk to you about the documentation that the insurance company wants and can help you gather and submit this information along with your appeal.

2. You Didn't Go in for Your Independent Medical Examination

You might have spent a lot of time in the doctor's office since your workplace accident or injury, and you might not be looking forward to any additional doctor's appointments. However, your employer's workers compensation insurance company might want you to see a "neutral" doctor an independent medical examination so that they can verify your claim. No matter how tempted you might be to skip this appointment, it's typically better for you to go. Your workers compensation attorney can talk to you more about these examinations and why they are important, and he or she may be able to provide you with helpful information about handling your upcoming appointment.

3. Something Appears Suspect About Your Claim

In some cases, the people who work for insurance companies think that something might be amiss about a claim. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as if the story of what happened just doesn't add up. You may think that all is lost with your case, but this might not be true at all. If you hire a workers compensation attorney, they can look over the reason for your denial and can talk to you about what can be done to help you build up a strong case.