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How Is The Amount Of Your Car Accident Settlement Determined?

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If you are working with an auto accident attorney and are hoping to get a settlement out of the deal, then you could be wondering how much money you can expect to get as a part of your settlement. This number will vary, but you can get an idea of how car accident settlements are determined with the help of the information below.

How Much Are Your Medical Expenses?

First of all, the costs of your medical expenses will be taken into consideration. You might have already accumulated a lot of medical bills, which might have started when you first went to the hospital after the accident. When seeing the doctor, going to physical therapy and more, you might have accumulated even more bills. Plus, in addition to medical expenses that might have already accrued because of the accident, any future anticipated medical costs will also generally be taken into consideration.

How Much Income Did You Lose?

You might have lost income because of your accident. The amount of money that you have lost because of not being able to work will probably be taken into consideration. Additionally, if you are permanently disabled because of your auto accident, then the amount of future earnings you might be missing out on because of the accident will probably also be taken into consideration.

How Much Property Damage Was Involved?

There was probably some property damage involved in your car accident. For example, if your car was damaged, then the cost of having your car repaired will typically be taken into consideration. If your car was totaled, then the cost of replacing your car may also be included in your settlement. If there was additional property damage, such as if you had valuable belongings in your car that were damaged or destroyed during the accident, then the cost of replacing these items should also be mentioned.

Are You Asking For Additional Damages?

In some cases, people ask for additional damages for things like pain and suffering or emotional distress. These types of damages can sometimes be more complicated to calculate, but they may add even more to your settlement.

Hopefully, now that you have read this information, you might have a better understanding of how car accident settlements are determined. If you have more questions, consult an auto accident warner attorney. He or she will have more information about your specific case and might be able to give you even more useful information about how much your settlement will be.