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Three Types Of Injuries That You Could Suffer Working As A Counselor

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When you think about dangerous jobs, those that are physically demanding frequently come to mind. While there's no discounting that working in construction or as a security guard can have their risks, it's important to also note that jobs that are more sedentary can also lead to injuries. If you work as a counselor, you likely spend the bulk of each day in a calm, quiet environment — but that doesn't mean that you're without risks. If you're employed by a healthcare organization, it as a responsibility to keep you safe on the job. In the event of a workplace injury of any type, you should talk to a workers compensation lawyer and consider a workers' compensation suit. Here are three injuries that you could potentially suffer.

Sitting Injuries

You don't have to be physical to incur an injury at work. Even though you sit for the bulk of your workday, it's possible to sustain an injury because of your sitting situation. For example, people who sit for long periods of time, especially when they use uncomfortable furniture, can experience pain in their lower back. While you have a responsibility to get up and move throughout the day, it's possible that you could have a workers' comp suit if the chair or seat that your employer has provided lacks adequate support. Your suit will increase in strength if you can document frequent requests to change the seating situation.


Violence in the workplace can occur in a counselor's office in a number of ways. Some of your clients may have mental instability issues, and your conversations with them could potentially trigger angry outbreaks. A client could assault you in your office, or perhaps wait for you outside in the parking lot to attack you. While you'll want to involve the police and file assault charges, you may also have a legitimate workers' compensation suit. For example, perhaps your employer knew of someone's violent history and didn't make you aware of it.

Mental Health Issues

A mental health issue can be an example of a workplace injury for which you can file a workers' compensation claim. Working as a counselor can be stressful, and it's possible that you could end up battling some type of depression or anxiety because of the pressure of dealing with vulnerable people daily, as well as those who are upset themselves. For this suit to be successful, it's necessary for you to demonstrate that your mental health issues came from work, not from other things in your life.