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When An Accident Hits You In The Wallet

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Once you get treatment for your physical injuries from a car accident, you may notice pain in another area. Most people never consider how a car wreck can impact their financial situation until it happens to them. If you suffer a loss as a result of the accident, it is considered a money damage, and you are entitled to be paid for it. Read on for a list of common damage situations and find out what you might be owed from the other driver.

Damage to Your Vehicle

You may need either a repair or a replacement. An estimate will show you the route your wrecked car will take. If a repair can make your vehicle as good as new, then a repair could be an option. Just be sure that the shop has a reputation for doing excellent work and don't accept an inadequate repair job. Cars with extensive damage might be labeled "totaled" and sent to the junkyard. You are entitled to a replacement that's in line with the wrecked vehicle's year and brand in the form of a check. If you disagree with the value of the replacement estimate, you might want to consult with a personal injury attorney. It can be particularly difficult to deal with situations where your car was a collectible or very valuable.

While you are waiting for the decision about the disposition of your car to be made, you might be entitled to a rental car. Regardless of what the insurance policy says, rental expenses can be reimbursed to you if you need transportation to your medical appointments and work.

Medical Expenses

You might be surprised at how a relatively minor accident can cause thousands of dollars in medical bills. Fortunately, you don't need to pay any of those bills. Be sure to keep close tabs on the dollar amount of your medical bills since the next category of damages is based on that figure.

Pain and Suffering

The greater the cost of your medical bills, the more you are owed for your pain and suffering. It's a good idea to keep up with your day-to-day struggles with recovery by using a pain journal. This category contains not just consideration for your medical expenses but for the emotional effects of the accident on your life.

Lost Wages

Being unable to work at your job can quickly lead to budget problems. You are entitled to be paid for all time off from your job, so keep up with recording any time missed from work for any reason associated with the accident, your injuries, your transportation issues, and more.

To get a more detailed picture of monetary damages, speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible and visit websites such as for more information.