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Winter Weather Crashed Your 18-Wheeler? You May be Liable

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Driving an 18-wheeler is a challenging experience, but one that can be rewarding financially. Unfortunately, it is particularly challenging during a snowstorm and may threaten the health and safety of everyone on the road if you aren't careful. If you somehow caused an accident while driving your rig in the snow, you may be liable for damages.

Poor Weather May Cause a Trucking Accident

When snow falls while you are driving your big rig, you are likely to continue trucking through it. After all, you have a delivery to make and need to make up lost time. However, you might end up slipping on the snow and crashing into another car or even a building.

These kinds of crashes can be very devastating or even deadly in some circumstances. As a result, it isn't uncommon for a lawsuit to be brought up against the driver. And, unfortunately, there is a good chance that the driver is going to be considered liable for the accident.

This might not seem fair to you, but the idea is common to all crashes caused in snow. The argument is that a crash during snowy conditions proves that you were driving unsafely. That kind of instant liability is a difficult element to argue against in this kind of case. However, it can be done with the help of a high-quality attorney.

Comparative Fault May be the Best Defense

The fact that an 18-wheeler causes so much damage in a crash can make it hard to win these kinds of cases. Liability is likely going to be pointed directly at you and could cost you a lot of money in a lawsuit. However, there is a way that you can alleviate some of this damage.

Comparative fault is a common defense for this kind of crash. That's because it argues that, while you were guilty of driving dangerously in snow conditions, the other driver was also driving poorly. You need to prove that this was the case, including eye-witness testimony. If you can argue that their negligence did a bigger part to cause the crash, you might offset the money you owe.

If you are in this kind of lawsuit or are worried about a crash, don't hesitate to contact a professional truck accident lawyer to learn more. They can protect you from this kind of serious financial damage and take steps to ensure that you are protected and safe.