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3 Tips to Keep in Mind Following a Motorcycle Accident to Protect Your Rights

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If you are in an accident while riding a motorcycle, you may have need to have legal recourse to pursue if the accident was not your fault. That said, it's important to do and say the proper things in the immediate aftermath of the accident to imporve your chances in court. Here are a few tips to keep in mind following a motorcycle accident.

Don't Fix Your Motorcycle

Yes, it can be a major pain to be without your motorcycle for any amount of time. But if you have any other vehicle at all, you should use that while you pursue your court case. Most motorcycles will suffer significant damage in any serious accident, that's just the nature of what happens when a bike hits a much larger car. In other words, your motorcycle is likely your best piece of evidence and can therefore serve as a great visual aid for the judge and/or jury in a courtroom. If you are successful with your case, you'll be able to afford a new bike anyway.

You Have Just As Much of a Chance at Legal Success as Anyone Else

Some motorcyclists often feel like they are judged harshly by the general public. Professionals, like those at Monro  Law Firm P.S. Inc, know that there's a thought out there that if a motorcyclist gets into an accident, it's because they were speeding or doing something else wrong. Don't let those thoughts get into your head and keep you from moving forward. With the right evidence, it's possible to get the settlement or verdict you deserve.

Hire an Attorney

For the best results, you should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer with previous experience with cases like yours. A good lawyer will know exactly how to present your case to make you look more sympathetic than most motorcyclists tend to look before a judge or jury. The judge will be able to laser in on the evidence at hand and might even be able to get you a settlement so that you don't actually have to go to a courtroom. 

Getting into a motorcycle accident can leave your life in pieces, especially if you are hit at a high speed by a much larger vehicle. But after you focus on your health, it's time to decide if you are entitled to a legal settlement or verdict to help make you whole again. If you intend to pursue legal action, don't get your bike fixed and hire an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents.