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Were You Hit By A Motorcycle In Your Car? What To Do

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Drivers are always reminded when the weather is warm that they should be cautious of motorcycles that they may approach on the road, but sometimes it's the drivers of the motorcycles that are negligent. If you were hit by a motorcycle, you had a bad accident because a motorcyclist was driving recklessly, or you had a collision with a motorcycle and the other driver was to blame, you want to get a lawyer right away. Here are a few of the reasons why you can't wait when it comes to hiring a professional auto accident attorney.

Motorcyclists Can be Victimized

You don't want to be assumed to be the person who caused the accident, or who did the damage, just because you were in an automobile and the other driver was on a motorcycle. Since the motorcycle is smaller with less protection it would be easy for people to think that you must have caused the accident, and you don't want the other driver to have a chance to play the victim in the situation, and to try to go after you for the damages and more money.

Evidence Can be Time Sensitive

The evidence that will prove your innocence and that you were harmed because of negligence can be time sensitive. Some of the things you may need for evidence include:

  • Eye witnesses that have the best memories of the accident right after it happened
  • Video surveillance from security cameras, stop light cameras or ATM machines
  • The damages to the vehicles before they are fixed

You want your lawyer to start pulling the evidence that is needed so they can file the case with factual information, to increase your chances of getting a settlement.

Medical Bills May Linger

When your first go to the hospital you have all of the medical bills from the initial emergency visit. Then you start t get the bills from blood work, imaging scans, post-accident check-ups and tests, therapy, medications and more. You don't know what the total cost of the accident can be, and you need the money from the settlement sooner than later.

If you were in an auto accident and you were hit badly by a motorcycle, get a lawyer, such as Cok Kinzler PLLP, and get someone working for you to represent your case. You don't want to get stuck with the blame for the accident, or get denied the insurance claim and money you need.