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Don't Let Your Love Of Music Leave You With A Personal Injury

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As the warm days of summer continue and extend into early fall, there is no better time to enjoy your favorite artist at an outside venue or concert. You will be able to go to concerts in your city, as well as in many other surrounding cities. Along with all of the excitement and fun that comes along with a concert, there dwells a significant risk of personal injury. Here are few environmental factors that you may want to be cognizant of.


The largest number of people to ever attend a concert did so when Sir Rod Stewart played in Rio De Janeiro in 1994 and when Jean-Michel Jarre played in Moscow in 1997. Both of these concerts were estimated to have approximately 3.5 million people in attendance.

Even if there are not nearly as many people at the concert you are planning to attend, there will surely be crowds. When crowds get excited and caught up in the frenzy of the people around them, there is always a risk of getting pushed, trampled, crushed, or even worse, killed. In 2000, at a Pearl Jam concert, nine people were killed, and 26 more were injured when a group of people rushed to the stage, which in turn caused it to collapse.

Crowds can be especially dangerous when you are in a park, amphitheater, or other locations that do not have designated seating areas. People will often jockey to get the best view or a position close to the stage.

When you are in a crowd of people, try to maintain as much space around yourself as you can. Always try to be aware of what is going on around you. This could make a difference in you being able to maintain your balance if you were to be pushed or caught in a crowd surge.


It does not take a lot of alcohol to diminish the mental capacity of a lot of people. When you combine this with a lack of food, peer pressure, and excitement, it can often lead to poor decisions being made, and injuries taking place.

While you may not be able to control the alcohol consumption of those around you, choose to be the more responsible member of your group. Ensure that you are eating prior to drinking. This will allow the alcohol to enter your system more slowly. Stay hydrated. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water before, during, and after you have consumed alcohol. Not only will this keep you better hydrated, but it will also lessen the impact of any hangover you may have the following day.

Defective Guardrails/Fencing

Do not just assume that you are safe if you are leaning against the guardrail or fencing. Many times this may be temporary fencing that has been rented or erected just for the purpose of the concert. It could easily fall, collapse, or break, which in turn could cause injury to anyone in the surrounding area.

Typical concert venues try hard to incorporate safety standards to prevent injuries to all who are in attendance at the various concerts or functions that they have. Unfortunately, their efforts are sometimes lacking and they are not always successful. If you are injured at a concert, it is possible that you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Depending on your injury, you may have a valid claim against the venue owner or operator, the concert artist, or another person in the crowd.

A personal injury attorney will be able to review your case and give you advice on how best to proceed. They have the knowledge and expertise in this area to assist you in receiving compensation for your claim. Call one for an appointment today, or check out websites like to learn more.