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Don't Settle For The First Settlement Offer

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If you've been injured because of someone else's negligence or malicious intent, your biggest concerns are recovering from the injuring, ensuring your future safety, and being thoroughly compensated. Unfortunately, the world of personal injury litigation is old and full of tricks, and an opposing legal team may know exactly what to do to get off the hook at a lower price tag than necessary. Before signing anything, consider a few reasons why accepting the first offer--no matter how big the price tag--might not be a good idea.

Tempting Rewards Overshadow Bigger Needs

Dangle enough money and your legal opponent may take the money and run. This principle can be used to trick you out of a bigger payment that may be necessary to cover future medical costs.

In some cases, you may be a lucky recipient of a huge reward. Your injuries might not be that bad, or you might make a full recovery without spending most of the money. A large sum of money to silence you or keep your legal opponent out of court can be a benefit, but you can't be so sure about your future.

Your injury or condition may be so severe that continued medical care will eat up that seemingly large sum of money, and your legal opponent may know it. They may recognize the severity by sight alone, or you could be exposed to a substance that has known, long-term side effects.

Although you can challenge complication later in life if you were tricked out of necessary compensation, it becomes harder the longer you wait. Your future conditions could be blamed on other issues, or the other part may file bankruptcy or die before you can challenge the decision. Avoid all of that hassle with a personal injury attorney on your side.

How Can An Attorney Help With Settlement Needs?

To figure out what you're truly owed, you need a medical exam. No amount of personal inspection and home calculation can get a decent estimate of future costs, especially since the healthcare system in the United States can be complex and expensive.

A medical team can examine your condition and monitor your recovery to figure out how many lingering effects may develop, if any. If disability is possible, they can write a report on the yearly care requirements associated with the disability. You also need to consider intangible costs, such as how the disability affects your personal and professional life. Even with money, a limp or constant headaches can be a major and unplanned drag on life.

Your attorney can also keep the door open for future negotiation instead of accepting a specific settlement. It all depends on the terms you sign, and an attorney can make sure your signature goes onto paperwork written as much in your favor as possible. 

Contact a personal injury attorney, like one from Donald R. Capper, Attorney at Law, to create a plan for getting the settlement you deserve.