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Suing After Your Family Is In A Collision With A Freightliner Driver

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Did a collision with a freightliner leave one of your children with a severe brain injury? Did your other children get injured in the collision, as well as you and your spouse? If the collision changed the life of your family, seeking legal assistance is the best thing that can be done to obtain justice. An auto accident attorney might be able to help you sue more than one person for the collision that the driver of the large truck caused. Discover a list of the things that you should do to make sure your family is compensated for the problems that the collision caused.

Get Medical Reports for Each of Your Family Members

You will need to get medical reports for each of your children that were in the vehicle during the collision, as well as for you and your spouse. Even if a few of you only suffered minor injuries, the medical reports will be needed. Whiplash might not seem like a severe injury, but it is something that should be documented if anyone is suffering from it. Make sure a thorough explanation is provided by the physician that is treating your child that has a brain injury. For instance, the physician must explain if the brain injury will permanently affect your child's speech, movement, and other aspects of his or her health.

Determine How Long You & Your Spouse Will Be Out of Work

If the injuries has led to you and your spouse having to take some time off from work, determine how much time will be needed. You can obtain the information by speaking to the physician that is responsible for assisting with the healing process. The reason why the amount of time being taken of is important is because it will help with determining how much compensation each of you should win in the lawsuit. Make sure that each of you is able to gather pay stubs to prove how much money was being made, as well as what is being lost from not being able to work.

Promptly Get in Touch with an Auto Accident Attorney

It is wise to contact an attorney about the collision as soon as possible, as waiting too long can lead to you not being able to file a lawsuit. Promptly speaking to an attorney is also the best way to get compensated in a timely manner so you won't be stuck having to pay a large amount of medical bills out-of-pocket. A car accident attorney will assist with every aspect of the lawsuit and make sure that everyone in your family is compensated in a just manner. He or she will determine if only the driver of the truck can be sued, or if you can go after his or her employer as well.