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Win-Win Lawsuits For Motorcycle Accidents: The Benefits Of Hiring An "On Contingency" Lawyer

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When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you have so much that you have to pay for. Injuries incurred from being hit while you were on a motorcycle are always greater than when you are a driver or passenger in a car. As such, your medical bills are frequently higher, and your rehabilitation takes longer. Although you want to sue the person that hit you, the thought of adding a motorcycle accident attorney's fees and legal fees to your massive accident expenses is too much. However, some lawyers will work "on contingency." Here is what that means for you.

You Do Not Pay the Lawyer Unless He/She WINS

A lawyer that works on contingency receives no money unless he or she wins your case. In short, your lawyer puts his or her all into the case, or there is no payday for the lawyer. If your case is lost, all the work that the lawyer did comes out of the retainer and you pay nothing extra.

An "on Contingency" Lawyer Is Often More Aggressive

You want a barracuda working for you so that you will win enough compensation to pay your bills, pay the lawyer, and maybe have just a little left over. A lawyer working on contingency is that barracuda, because he or she has to be aggressive enough in the courtroom to get a win. These lawyers find every legal statute and law on the books that will work for your case and work every angle necessary to win. That is what you want and need when you are in a very bad place and desperately need to sue.

When Your Lawyer Wins, You Win

When your lawyer wins, you win. The compensation amounts for a contingency lawyer are often higher because the lawyer adds in an estimated amount necessary to work the case and win it for you. If there is excess compensation left after the case is won and the money is dispersed to all of your creditors, that is yours. In short, a win for a lawyer on contingency is a win for you too.

You Cannot Win If You Do Not Try

You will only lose your case if you do not try. While that is mostly true, contingency lawyers may still lose, but it is rare. Conversely, you cannot win if you do not attempt to take your case to court. Since the odds would be in your favor, it only makes sense that you should hire a contingency lawyer, like The Jaklitsch Law Group, for your motorcycle accident and pursue it as far as you can until you get a win.