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3 Rules To Follow To Avoid Accidents As A Motorcyclist

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If you enjoy the thrill of the open road on a motorcycle, you will no doubt spend a lot of your free time hitting the highway and backroads in search of a new adventure. The only problem is, being a motorcycling enthusiast also means you will be sharing the highways and roadways with vehicles that are far bigger than your own, which can put you at risk. Pair this fact with the idea that a lot of passenger vehicle drivers just don't look out for motorists on two wheels, and you can easily understand how risky it is to have a love for riding your bike. There are a few helpful rules you should follow to help you avoid being involved in an accident as a motorcycle driver. 

1. Pay close attention to drivers and their planned turns. Did you know that 42 percent of all accidents involving a car and a motorcycle happen as a result of a passenger vehicle making a left turn into a motorcycle? Because of this, one of the most important things you can do as a motorcyclist is to stay completely aware of drivers who are planning to turn. Use caution at all times and avoid trying to pass a vehicle if there is a turn coming up. 

2. Avoid sharing lanes with passenger vehicles when possible. -If you are traveling on a highway that has more than one lane, it is better if you can keep your bike in a lane that has fewer passenger vehicles. Because the drivers of these cars may not be looking out for you on a bike, it is best to try and keep your distance, even if that means you have to adjust your speed to stay in a slow lane of traffic or speed up a bit to get past a line of cars and into a lane more to yourself. 

3. Make sure you stay visible as much as you can. Invest in reflective riding gear or wear clothing that has highly visible color features, such as neon green or yellow. Always make sure your lights are in good working order before you jump on your bike for a ride. The more visible you are on the roadway, the less likely it will be that a driver of a passenger vehicle will not see you and cause an accident. 

Even though there are rules you should be following on your bike to avoid accidents, there is only so much you can do. If you have been injured in an accident on your motorcycle by a passenger vehicle driver, talk to a motorcycle accident attorney or visit