Finding Relief With A Personal Injury Attorney

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6 Things to Know About Your Doctor's Role in Supporting Your Claim

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Those who are filing a social security disability claim need to understand the role their doctor plays in the process. Your social security disability lawyer is going to consult with you regarding your doctor’s role in filing your claim.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) will research how your medical condition is affecting your ability to work. Your doctor is an authority on your medical condition, so the SSA will consult the documentation from your doctor regarding your claim. Read More»

Why You Need A Lawyer To Help You Through The Wrongful Death Process

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Was a loved one of yours killed through someone else’s negligence? If so, you might have the opportunity to pursue a wrongful death case. The case might even look like a slam dunk if the other party knows they are at fault and are looking to settle with you out of court. But even in this scenario, you should still retain a wrongful death attorney to assist with this process. Here’s why you don’t want to move forward with a wrongful death case without an attorney by your side. Read More»